Recovering from illness or injury can be difficult, but we are here to design a care plan specifically for you to achieve the best possible results with the least possible difficulties.  The healing process of any injury takes time and often times injuries will occur and begin to heal improperly, causing additional pain and problems.  Many times a patient will choose to not adhere to their rehab plan for financial reasons or time constraints.  We are here to help you find that balance that will get you on The Road to Better Health!  


By combining specific exercises to a spinal manipulation care plan we can offer treatments that will produce the best possible results. Neither exercise nor spinal adjustments alone can achieve these optimal results, and  inactivity can certainly be counterproductive. 

Your care plan exercises will be based on the treatment goals determined by your initial exam and additional evaluations. Your particular disability level and injury type will determine many of our treatment choices. 

Spinal adjustments will always be our initial option so that normal function of the spine can be established and then built upon according to your needs.


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